La Jetee was an interesting watch, all of these clips we watch are. This one was different however from others because it was about time travel. We do not get the prisoners name of who was selected to time travel but we know he was selected because of his connection to the past. He is haunted by this memory which he goes back and sees again in the movie. It is sad to see pre-war, and post-war problems in this man.

I chose this clip because, when watching the movie I kept trying to create ideas for GIFs and this was the first good one that I had thought of, it reminds me of my childhood and running away from my mom before she could ask me to do something! This story is about a man and his son trying to scrape food, and supplies together after extinction happens. The man and his son eventually in the story run into an imprisoned group of people, they are trapped but eventually get out. Later in the story, they stumble upon a goldmine of supplies and food, but quickly have to leave there too because it is too dangerous to stay. This story is the prime example of why if I was ever in this situation I would just want to roll over and die, I could not handle the stress.


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