EVIDENCE.. Is Martha really Martha?

Ok everyone, this may seem far fetched but every peice of evidence I can collect about this hat that has gone missing, I have tried to collect. I think everyone can agree Martha has been acting a little strange since her hat went missing & then she all the sudden got really sick as well…. Well look at this…

Martha’s hat went missing sometime in late February but LOOK at this facebook post from her in March!!! WITH THE HAT!!!!!

So to carry on, we were all suppose to go to DKC and figure out some clues which seemed to have made us all sick as well as her!! I think this was some type of trick to lead us in … I think she is carrying a virus because in her video this week she doesn’t seem herself… she’s like foggy and not all the way clear…. LOOK!!!

I don’t know for sure but this seems like some E.N.D. type stuff were dealing with.. I trust no one so all this doesn’t quite add up… Martha spill the beanssssss, if thats even your real nameeeeee.

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