Forget or Be Forgotten

If I had to choose between my loved ones becoming zombies or I myself becoming a zombie I would choose myself solo becoming a zombie. Reason being is I would not want to put that on my loved ones, being a zombie to me does not sound appeasing, or like anything I would wish upon anyone. Everyone is scared of you and I would rather take the fall for my entire family then they having to become zombies.

If my entire family became zombies they would forget about me and I would be alone, so in a cutthroat mind set I must say my second reason for choosing the zombie life would be, forget or be forgotten. Either way separation would occur in these case scenarios and becoming a zombie, and forgetting your family would hurt less than your family becoming zombies and forgetting you, leaving you alone and sad.

Not being in the loop would be my last reason for becoming a zombie. I would feel very secluded if everyone around me was zombies and I could not join in, I know I would be secluded being the only zombie in the family but for me this just sounds like the better of the two negatives. Being a lone zombie in a family of normal humans sounds pretty terrible but to me it is the choice I choose to make.




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