Letter to a Better Me (Stars)

Dear Morgan,


This is 2018 and I am writing a letter to yourself for 10 years down the road. By now I hope you have a family and are trying to adopt a young child in need of a loving family and can better their lives. When you were 20 this was really important to you for many years, so hopefully, it carried through.


I hope you have a career and make good money but at the same time realize that working too much is not worth the sacrifice of missing times with your kids because Mom always talked to you about cherishing the years you have with your children even if it meant financial stress at times.


It would be awesome if you had a big farm with a lot of animals!! Cows, horses, pigs, and chickens.  20-year-old you loved farm animals and living on a farm. Well, those are pretty much the foundations you’ve wanted for yourself so hopefully, a zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen and you get to carry these things out!!

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