Photo I LOVEEEEE (Star Asgmnt) REVIZED

I chose this photo because I love Hanky so much. He is my favorite pet because he is not boring like a cat but not as crazy as a dog. This picture is my favorite because he is just so relaxed and I am so happy hanging out with him!

Before I had rushed this, but to further explain.

Hank is my favorite thing on this earth!! He brings me so much happiness because he is so easy going and such a snuggle bug. Most people think that pigs stay small forever but as seen in on of my pictures he has gotten bigger for sure, bathing him is not easy.. He stays at my parents house in Fauquier County because my house in Fburg does not let him stay here 🙁 But I go home often to see him!

All these photos bring such happiness to my heart. Animals are the best for picking you up when your down and putting a smile on your face!

Thanks a million Hanky you are the beeez kneeeez.




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