Rayla’s Point of No Return

Rayla and her companions were on the way to investigate a new site for the homestead, she was nervous but confident. It was her first trip away without her big brother watching her back. They were looking and abandoned farm in the mountains that would provide coverage from the Black Sun, the local mercenaries that ravage the valley. The weather was harsh, nearly freezing with frozen rain, most of the group was struggling. Rayla, the youngest was up in front leading the pack with Galen, the group leader. He asked her, “why did you volunteer for this trek, your brother Luther was due to return soon from the group hunt.”. Rayla replied, “My brother has watched out for my entire life, I know that in this world that we live in now, we all have to be strong and prove our worth”. Galen smiled, admiring her courage he once felt. As they passed the ridge they had reached the next valley that overlooks Lake Dandu. The Farm they sought for was at the base of the lake down the mountain. As they continued down, Black Sun scouts had found their trail. Rayla’s group had been followed, and their scouting party for the farm had been compromised….

Rayla was the first to notice the Black Sun scouts. She whispered to Galen,” We are not alone…”. He whispered back,” I know, I have a group of 4 men i told to follow us, as long as they haven’t given up their position, we have the advantage.”. Rayla knowing this new information felt scared and confident as they progressed down the mountain. She trusted Galen, but didn’t know if his plan was sound, she knew the scouts were close, but didn’t know if their back up was close enough. Still no attack from the Black Sun scouts, but they were nearly to the new farm. Galen paused, and then said” Take lead Rayla”, he then hurried back up hill as they continued down. Rayla confused, scared, but confident, continues to lead the group. Before reaching the base of the mountain, gunshots were fired in the distance. Rayla exclaimed,” Run, Run, the farm is nearly a mile away!”. as the group scurried away, Rayla when back. She knows she was told by Galen to lead the group to the farm but couldn’t bear  leaving him alone. As she ran back up the hill, she took out her .22 pistol her brother Luther had left her. Gun shots still flurried the hill with noise, she heard one final blast and a grunt she knew familiar, It was Galen. She found him up against a dead log with multiple gunshot wounds. She shook as she knelt down, not knowing what action to take. Rayla gasped,” Galen! Galen! What do i do, your severely injured!”. He responds,” I have done my part, the Black Sun scouts are gone.” Hesitant in his answer, Rayla realizes Galen will not be continuing this journey. He tells her,” You Must lead our group to the Farm, you are close, Have Jaden and Gregor, return to Homestead with the news of the discovered farm.” Rayla began to tear knowing this was the end for Galen and she must step up as a leader in the group. She says to Galen,” I will do my best, but more importantly won’t let you or the Homestead down.”. Galen gave here a small smirk before fading into the darkness. She took his gun, closed his eyes and knew she had found her purpose, to lead and found Homestead 2.

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