Video Personalities ?! Let me know!!

I do think that the videos slightly do contradict each other because the first video explains that “desire and focus” is the best tactic to complete creative advertising and design whereas in the second video we are told that being simple and not educated might be the best approach. I got from the second video is raw talent is more true talent. It is not manipulated at all it is true and pure and not forced.


I like the approach that David Carson had explained personally. It seemed that through the use of the book having the 540 on the cover and not changing that is neat. Though it has no true meaning now it did before, that I feel is the interesting facts people who appreciate design and research might love to hear about.


I liked the contradicting of the videos it seemed to me you have to kind of chose a side and this tells a lot about a persons’ personality! My question is to the class to you agree with my theory? I think that I like David Carson’s video more because I am relaxed and a go with the flow type person I do not like to force creative work. LET ME KNOW !!!

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