From the start of this semester I knew that something weird was going on. Our investigation early on of aliens, zombies, and apocalyptic situations had me wondering what I was getting myself into. It seems the more I researched these things, the more I realized just how weird situations were playing out around me..

About 3 days after my first visit to the DKC I took a picture of my feet, and this is what I noticed…

Yes, that’s right. I woke up one day and they were swapped backwards. This seems a little crazy, but I think it had something to do with going to the DKC. The aliens now knew where I was and probed me in the middle of the night obviously.  Below is another strange image of one of my classmates Alyssa who had something odd happen to her. It just seems like two pretty similar, very strange out of this world occurrences happened to both of us in the first couple weeks of class.

the next strange thing that happened to me in this class is when I had gone home to my parents’ house and saw this!! This is just an old abandon house on my parent’s land and nothing has ever been found inside it, but now since I am taking this class zombies are occupying it? It just seemed a little strange at the time first aliens were changing bodies, now zombies were camping out near my parents’ house… a lot of weird things were happening that were hard to figure out.


Next is a collection of photos I have been keeping over the course of the semester, it seems that the aliens and the zombies have become somewhat domesticated and do not mind being seen. The normalization to this will be a downfall if we begin to trust them, but they are just so sweet. They have cuddled with my niece and taken selfies with me and in one the zombie is wearing Martha’s hat, they must be friends with her too!!!


After a couple weeks of settling into the class and hanging out with zombie on a regular bases we become pretty tight, I made them a playlist. I decided just like to get into the class is how I will get out of it.





Hopefully they have enjoyed this playlist!!

The E.N.D.

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  1. I love this final project, Morgan! I also love how you broke it down into organized sections of Writing, Photography, and Audio. Also, the pictures are great! Have a great summer!

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