Final Reflection

Over the last two weeks I have spent time going over the weeks that I felt I did the best in to chose how I could conduct my final project. I liked the writing week and felt I told a good story so I decided to put that into my final. The photo week, was probably my favorite week. I decided to take pictures of the last few months and photoshop some zombies and aliens into the photos to go along with my story previously told. Lastly I had closed out this semester with how I started it, making a playlist. Audio was not my strongest week, but I have the creativity to create a playlist so I figured that would go to good use. I liked the idea of finishing up just how I started out, without creating a playlist I would not have been admitted into the class so that was something I was very thankful for and was a staple through the semester.

Overall, I would recommend this class to anyone who wishes to take it. The work given all taught me something, though the use of media and photoshop. I think Canva has saved my life about 100 times since I have learned about it. If I need anything I just use Canva so that was a great resource to have learned about. It was great also learning how to operate the vocal booth. I think that will really come in handy next year. I met great girls who had amazing skills to bring to the table, and were sources of help for any questions throughout the entire semester.

I loved seeing everyones creativity through the semester and think that these final projects will really show a reflection on their skills that we learned. This has been an amazing class that taught me most importantly that, there is not one way to do things, there is nothing wrong with doing something completely different as the person next to you as long as you gave it your all. Individuality is the most creative thing we all have!

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