I love photography, I don’t have an expensive camera, or any extensive knowledge on it but any picture taken has thought and meaning behind it and that is beautiful. I think my love for photography comes from not ever being interesting in reading long books, or watching movies, I found simplicity in photography that I love.


Though the Tips for Better Photography page I took a lot out of the tip “change my perspective by changing yours”. When I did the photo blitz challenge I really took that into account and tried to get into uncomfortable positrons to get a shot that was better and really focused on what I was trying to show. Creating depth, I struggled with, but after going back and reflecting on what I did, I think that I may have been focusing a little too big on the big picture and would’ve benefitted from taking a few up-close ones to perhaps add depth.


In the Abandoned America page, I selected the latest photos tab, while looking through them I found really complex photos that were honestly constructed in a simplistic way. This made the pictures easy to look at and easy to judge at a quick glance.


The photos that I took in my photo blitz were all outside and in the same tone. I feel when constructing photography, I like my pictures to correlate I think that it makes the gallery better to look at and more interesting. The photo blitz was really fun and challenged my imagination to come up with things quickly.

Photo1- Represented to me the end of that flags life, it is damaged and weathered.

Photo2- This represented symmetry between to objects of an old dead tree and an alive and flourishing tree.

Photo3-This photo represented openness to me because this puddle just looks neverending, it can go on forever.

Photo4- A photo of rocks, with guess star HANK!!! My pig

Photo5- A toy in action would be the ball being kicked

Photo6- A door, I liked this because the door frame is not the actual door, the boarded up part is where the door is. I think this shows not everything is what it seems.

Photo7- I found coins on the ground and thought that is something so many envy because it holds such control over us.

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