End Day Recap

While watching the End Day I was thoroughly intrigued and drawn into the realities of any of these case scenarios happening. I think the End Day did a good job of depicting all the possibilities of post/ apocalypse of the world happening and how fast this would take place and little time we would have to prepare. In the following situations shown I would react so:

Tsunami- Try to get to higher grounds, if not possible I would not run as characters in the movie are shown doing, I would stand there and accept my death.

Meteor- I would track as far away from predicted spot of impact and take canned food as character shown in movie did, it was smart to do because when something like that happened food would be rationed and far and few water supplies would be available.

Plague- I would stay inside and with NO contact with the outside world therefore if I were a carrier of the chicken virus (I believed they called it) I would only contaminate myself and by staying indoors I would be safe from any other carriers.

Big Bang – No reaction…. Just death ….

I think all situations were frightening for sure because of the little truths that they all hold but the most frightening to me would have to be the plague just because of the reality of the situation. It is very possible to happen and if it did happen then it would be a world where you are scared of contact with anything and everything for a very long time whereas a tsunami or meteor shower happens and if you live you live and if you died you would die. The Big Bang does not frighten me at all because I would have no reaction time to it and therefore would have no time to worry.

I learned in apoc/post-apocalypse novel is that the appeal of the apocalypse was supposed to die down after the year 2000 but I feel that it has only heightened and continued to every year.

For the novel exerts we were supposed to read I loved reading about Oryx and Crake, I think this is just the girl in me coming out and loving a good love story! I think that this also interests me because of everything we are talking about in this class the plague always pulls my attention! I would continue to read this book for sure because it seems interesting and a story that is easy to relate to.

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  1. I agree, I would much rather go in a big bang than any of those others. The idea of having to watch people I care about suffer is terrifying. Whereas, if we all just cease to exist, well, there wouldn’t be anytime for terror.

    Oryx and Crake is a pretty fascinating book. I think you’ll like it.

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