Lets Talk About ME

Specifically, I am feeling very full. I just got back from a fabulous dinner at Logan’s and it was great quality food. I wish that I hadn’t gone out to eat however, and stayed in and studied more for my exam I have tomorrow afternoon. I saved doing my weekly question and reflection for tonight so I had yet another excuse to not do my studying. I guess you could say, I’m stressed. What college student isn’t? I have one day to study for this exam, and then I have one day after that to pack all my stuff for a weekend trip I am going to Las Vegas so I just feel I am cramming everything last minute but I couldn’t space it out because all these dates are tentative to a schedule and that just stresses me out.


Overall my gist of how I am feeling though is awesome. I feel like I have got a good life going, no regrets. I am moving forward and in positive ways. I couldn’t feel more blessed I have an awesome family and support system without them none of this wonderful life would be worth it.

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