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This week I decided to read There Will Come Soft Rains. To say that I enjoyed it would be a stretch after reading it, rereading it, listening to the audio, and then doing some research on it I finally got the concept of it. This being said, the amount of work was a lot just for a brief understanding. What I took from this story was that this was a house that operated without an operator, that part was not hard to understand because they talked about the stove cooking pancakes and no one was making them. It got a little tricky as to why this story was written and the purpose that it serves. I took from it, that the world hates mankind, and nature is better when it does not have to deal with mankind destroying it. This story, though short offers so much imagery it is amazing how my mind could see what was going on almost as if watching a movie while reading.


My second story was The Defenders this story was scary to me because having to imagine life lived underground is unsettling and frightening. The author did a great job of portraying where I am in the story and putting in locations to help me envision myself there. Taylor’s team is sent to check conditions about ground and I think that the author of this did a great job of illustrating the dangers of automation. The leadies are hard for me to imagine but they seem smart, however not as smart as humans. I think if I had reread this story 2 or 3 times that maybe I would get a clearer picture of what was going on here but it was not a very clear story in my opinion.


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  1. I do love Bradbury’s imagery in “There Will Come Soft Rains”. I too get the feeling like I’m watching a movie while I’m reading. One of the things that this always makes me think about is how would this play out today? In Bradbury’s story he has imagined a future with lots of technology in our houses but as we can tell we’ve also managed to unleash nuclear war on the world. Pretty much all that is left is the technology that survived. I wonder what would carry on for a period of time before inevitably collapsing (like the house). Would my clock radio alarm just blare on until power failed? How long would the doors at the HCC lock and unlock at their appropriate times despite no one being alive to use the doors?

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