Understanding AUDIYOOOO

In Abumrad’s first video I understood everything that he is saying and trying to get across. By audio we are forced to paint our own pictures in our minds of what the story is trying to tell us and it seems too cool to me that not one person’s picture is the same. It really hones in our individuality because that peach sun, I am sure we all saw it in different ways, but were seeing the same thing. Abumrad’s second video I found harder to understand, but what I took out of it I realized that radio has never died because we are constantly updating it to keep it fresh and new, with technology, but also for instance, slang words used while talking on audio. It keeps the audience intrigued because we know it is recent.


SoundCloud is nothing new to me I had friends in high school that made music and would share it with classmates via SoundCloud. I know UMW offers a lot of equipment just because of other classes I have played around with it before but I feel this class will make me have a much better understanding of how to operate and manage it. I will be downloading the app for sure as I am sure that will be tentative per the assignments we will have.

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