Crazy Endings

Back Story: The rocket never takes them to Mars and they remain on Earth.

October 2026

9 A.M. The husband, wife and three boys realize they have never left Earth, and their rocket ship had failed them. They return home in hopes of survival, at their return back home they find that the Earth seems to be in an upset roar, thundering, meteor showers, dark swirling clouds welcome their arrival. As they step inside they are quickly rejected by a piece of the floorboard ripping upward and shoving them back out their door, they try to another entrance but it failed again.

10 A.M. After failed attempts, it seemed the house seemed to reject them, how could a house do this the family pondered while standing outside while contemplating their next move the ground began to rumble and the ground began to split.

11 A.M. The clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds were all to be seen, Earth was pleasant with not a storm cloud in sight all human were taken care of and gone, no one to destroy the pure beauty Earth held

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