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Question for the class….

Have we found Martha’s hat?……

But a serious question would be How much time do you guys put into this class a week, I find myself putting about 4-5 hours a week doing this class’s work, I feel like that is not this much time splitting it up between a couple days.


This week I liked analyzing the movie because I am in a Cinematography class right now, so I am studying all the same things that went into creating an analysis of the movie. It was easy to breeze through and know why the director did a certain shot or use certain type of sounds. I liked doing the 8-star assignments as well, I chose to do more lower stars, so I could split it up this week (40-Hour work week). I liked seeing how I could create something by brainstorming it all day and other assignments were just quick of the top of my head assignments. My DIY was my favorite though because I am so serious about it, but it was all made up within 5 minutes!! This week was fun to me, I like making videos rather than writing so much I feel other people’s stuff is more fun to watch than read as well.

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