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Week 1, The Beginning of The End

This week was quite the adjustment, getting back into the swing of things seems to be harder than ever before it seemed. I am thankful however that I got the opportunity to take this class online, it alleviates so much stress and having the ability to navigate myself through the weeks assignments on my time is amazing to do. Some things came up that were challenging which forced me to finally confide in some help from the DKC which I have never used as a resource! S/O to Jenn!!! She was a tremendous help setting up my blog and helping me install WordPress correctly. I feel this class will be helping me become more involved with the resources that UMW offers, and I am thankful for that.

The apocalypse is something that I have never given much thought to, before reading the Wiki article I was totally in the dark about the matter. I have heard about The Walking Dead, but never seen it or had interest in watching it, those kinds of things really freak me out to be honest. I think that the plague interest me the most, this being because it could wipe out such a large number of people in a matter of days, it is more of a silent take over. An alien invasion also sparks my interest in some ways, just because I think there is some likelihood of that happening so it does not seem so far-fetched. With so many different galaxies there has to be some form of life out there, and I hope sometime, not in my lifetime, we get to encounter that and further understand a different form of life.                                         Image result for alien take over gif

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